Monday, January 2, 2012

Quick Partial Studio Tour

Well, since we were talking about organizing, I thought I would quickly post a few pics of my newly cleaned studio area. The photo below shows the main area where I make my paperclay creations and such. It also shows my little string of inspirational photos & art on the wall :) I can't wait until we get our own home so I can paint the walls and put up lots of shelving!

Some of the art you see on the wall is from: Danita Art, Brigette Barrager, and Princess Monkey

Lastly for the super quick studio tour, is my miscellaneous desk - i use it for painting sometimes, ironing, and really whatever is necessary at the time.
But I had to show you guys the hillariously awesome sock monkey riding a wooden dinosaur that my sister got me for Christmas! hehehe! Doesn't he just brighten up the whole area? Next to him is a wooden puzzle that I made in my most recent class at school. And to the very left is an awesome sculpture of a bird sitting on an elephant that I won from this shop

 Before I go, I wanted to show you guys a fun plate I painted awhile back :) It's of me, Jonathan, and Spanky! Hehe!
Thanks for looking!

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