Monday, April 9, 2012

New Baby Shower Invitations!

I'm very excited to show you guys this invitation that I designed recently. I created it specially for my cousin Kassie who is expecting a baby boy soon. My mom and I are throwing her a shower which has so far been lots of fun to plan & it will be an animal theme with blue and green as the colors.

So after creating it I was thinking that other moms-to-be might enjoy the design as well, so I made it available in my Zazzle shop today. It is fully customizable and oh so cute :)

Now I'm thinking I need to design a girl version as well! Thanks for looking!


  1. hehe...your mom's pins were getting very suspicious!

  2. Hehehe yeah Hannah told me you were questioning all of those baby-themed pins! But have no fear, it isnt for me. And if it ever ends up being for me (in the far off future) we will be sure to tell u and not make you find out via pinterest. hehehe. :)