Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I made this adorable little "CREATE" banner this morning to hang in my studio & thought I would show it to you! I used a Pentel Gel Roller pen that is made just for fabric. It is really fun to use and has a very smooth feel to it when you write.

My sister gave me the pens and the awesome blank fabric banner pieces to decorate for my birthday. :) She knows me well!

So anyways, I decided that since I had 6 banner pieces to work with I would spell out the word "Create". But just doing the letters would have been boring for me, so i decided to draw little characters to match the letters! C for Cat, R for Rabbit, E for Elephant, A for Alligator, T for Turtle, and E for Ewe!

I might color them sometime but for now I am just going to enjoy them (and let them dry for a couple days to make sure the ink gets set in really well so it doesn't fade or wash off)!

I can think of tons of fun possibilities for these pens -- shoes, tote bags, etc! :)

Thanks Alyssa for the fun gift!

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  1. It turned out awesome!! Im glad the pens work well. They're all so cute, my favorites are the elephant, cat, and alligator. I think you should try coloring it sometime, I can already imagine it with fun bright colors. :)