Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Painting Necessities :)

I am about to start a long night of painting and thought it would be fun to tell you guys what my painting necessities are!
1. Lots of fun colors of acrylic paints (though you dont need to go crazy because you can always mix new colors).
2. Dry paperclay sculptures to paint are of course are a requirement for me
3. Toothpicks! I go through tons of toothpicks. I use them to mix paint, to add details when sculpting, etc. I bought my box of 1000 toothpicks at Dollar Tree and still havn't gotten through them all yet!
4. A disposable plate to use as a palette. I have always hated cleaning off palettes, so this way it so much easier for me.
5. A old hand towel (or paper towels). To wipe my brush off with between colors. I prefer hand towels because i can just wash them and use them again.
6. A water bowl. I got a cute plastic bowl from Target last year and now it is my go-to water bowl. I use it when sculpting and when painting and it works like a charm!
7. Paintbrushes of course are also important! 
8. Foil or Wax Paper -- something to protect my work surface from paint. I prefer not to use plain paper because it can stick to your wet painted pieces and get little paper bits on it. (not fun)
9. Varnish - to seal & protect my clay characters after they have been painted.
10. Glitter - I love adding glitter to my designs!
11. Ice water :) to keep me hydrated
12. Netflix - to keep me entertained

13. And last but not least, I've gotta have Spanky to keep me company while I work :)

How about you? What are your go-to supplies when creating?

P.S. I will be posting soon about the Handmade Halloween Swap that my mom, sister, and I are doing! I can't wait to show you what all we made! :)

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