Friday, April 3, 2015

New Charm Round-up!

I've still been making lots of charms lately, but instead of doing a daily post about each one I decided to try doing a weekly round-up to see if it works better for me that way.

First are some little charms that I added to my shop this morning -- some loveable potted cacti, a boston terrier, and a chihuahua! *The last two in the pic are already spoken for, but see the available ones HERE.

Next is a big batch of charms that I sculpted the other day when I was feeling especially inspired. four of them are animals sitting on pumpkins, and then there are 3 that are face-only charms -- a santa, bunny, and fox :) I can't wait to paint these cuties! Hopefully I can finish them in time for next Friday's shop update. :)

In other news, I also have an exciting *secret* project I've been working on which is taking a bit longer than expected, but TRUST me-- they will be worth the wait! :)

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