Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paperclay Ornament Tutorial: Part 2

Paperclay Ornament Tutorial : Part 2

Today we are continuing with the paperclay tutorial!
I am working on 3 little Christmas ornaments.

Last time I showed you how I made the bases of the bodies, added toothpick legs, and attached little noses. They have air dried now and are ready for their second layer of clay!

I'm not going to add a whole lot today, and the rest of the clay tutorial is going to be more of just showing pictures, and not so much step-by-step, since it is pretty straight forward. However, if you have any questions please just ask!

I decided to make some little scarves for the girls to wear. And I also made a little dress/skirt for the ornament of my sister (on the far right) because she loves wearing fun outfits like that.
 To dry them, I stuck their legs into some scrap Styrofoam that I had, but if you don't have any, you can just lay them on your table like last time. 

They will need to dry overnight again, but if you have them sticking up in Styrofoam then it should go a little faster since you won't have to turn them over to dry the backs.

The last thing I did for today is to make the little things that each girl will be holding on to. You can see on the left is a coffee/hot chocolate cup, then my cat Spanky, above that is a camera, and the two on the right are some little boots that I hope to put on the girl with the skirt. :)

I'm thinking that it should only take 1 more day of sculpting on these and then we can get to the fun part-- painting & finishing our pieces!

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