Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Sculptures of 2013!

Introducing my first 4 sculptures of the year!

From left to right we have: Miss Kitty, Emily the Birthday Elephant, Sock Monkey Sam, and Simon the Squirrel.

All of them (except the sock monkey) have bodies made out of dried gourds!

Miss Kitty is standing on a metal jello tin with an "XOXO" banner attached.

Emily Elephant is holding a chocolate cupcake and wearing a festive party hat. She can be used as decoration or as a birthday cake topper!

Sam the Sock Monkey is ready for Valentine's Day with his "LOVE" banner and polka dot heart. He sits on a slice of wood.

And Simon the Squirrel stands on the lid of a little glass mason jar which can be filled with candy or other trinkets. He holds an acorn in his hand.

Thanks so much for looking!