Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A "Charming" Shop Update

Today I added several new sculptures to my Etsy shop including these fun charm necklaces!

Isn't this Pig & Pumpkin one awesome? I made one just like it for me to keep for myself :)

I also decided to start a fun project which is an alphabet series of sculptures.
This is my first one -"A is for Ape" :)

Lastly, I wanted to show you this little elephant (pin) that I made by request. I had actually sold one like it to someone and when they sent it to their friend it got lost in the mail, so she was wanting me to make a duplicate one for her.

I think this one may have turned out even cuter than the original :)

Thanks so much for looking! Also - I wanted to ask - if you could have me make a paperclay charm necklace just for you, what would you want it to be? A pet? a favorite animal? a person? holiday themed? I don't do custom orders, but I do hope to be doing lots more of these charms, so I am happy to hear some suggestions. :)