Friday, January 18, 2013

On my desk today

Happy Friday!!

I decided to start my day off by doing some sculpting. :) The picture below shows most of the new ones I've been working on. For some reason I can't seem to stop myself from making Halloween designs even though it's January. (can you spot the witch hat in the pic?) hehehe. Oh well!

Thanks for looking! And I hope you have a fun weekend! Do you have anything exciting planned?

I don't have many plans, but I do hope to work on a new illustration sometime today if I have time. Speaking of that Illustration, for some reason I always seem to have the most creative ideas when I am really tired.. does that happen to you? My husband gets up really early (3-4am) every day for work, and usually I don't get up then, but some days I do, and my sketches during that time (or right before bed when I'm really tired) usually turn out way better than when I draw when I'm wide awake. hehehe. Go figure.

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  1. Isn't Halloween great, I don't blame you for wanting to make more on the theme :) happy crafting