Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dachshund Sculpture Work in Progress

Hi guys! I have decided to give my blog another go! I want to put a funner spin on things than I have in the past. And although I havn't yet figured out exactly how I want to do that, I thought-- why not go ahead and post today instead of waiting until I have a 'perfect' plan. :)

I've been doing several biz-side-of-things projects this week so I ended up only working on one sculpture (pictured above) instead of a few like I normally would. But that's ok, :) I feel like I've made some good progress on improving some things about my business like my website, newsletter, etc.

Something that has really been an inspiration to me lately is listening to podcasts. I am pretty new to podcasts myself, but they are basically shows (voice only, not video) that people make on a regular basis that you can listen to on your ipod, computer, etc. And they are about a certain topic that the host is passionate about. There are some great Christian podcasts out there, but another type of podcast that I enjoy are art themed (and more specifically - art business themed ones). My two current  favorites are Artists Helping Artists and Fresh Rag. They are pretty awesome, and I love that you can skip around and listen to the episodes that sound inspiring to you at the moment instead of just going down the list in order.

So my question for you is-- Do you listen to podcasts? And if so, which ones are your favorites?

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