Friday, February 27, 2015

Pocket Pal Elephant

I'm super excited because I finally have found a technique for using my new Wacom tablet with Photoshop that I am feeling pretty comfortable with! 

I thought of this fun little pocket elephant design in the middle of the night last night and couldn't wait to start on it (using my new-found technique). I wanted to make it look like there was an elephant sitting inside of a shirt pocket holding a pen :) And I am loving how it turned out.

I decided to not only put this design in my Society6 shop like normal, but to also try out a new print on demand company called Nuvango. I have been hearing about this company a lot lately from fellow artists and it was great timing because they make all-over printed t-shirts -- so i could place the pocket perfectly where I wanted it.

Here's how the shirt turned out! Isn't it grand? :) You can click here if you are interested in ordering one. 

Thanks so much for looking! And I'm curious -- if you could have a 'pocket pal' on your shirt - what kind of animal would you choose?

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